Sunday, March 11, 2012

Solar Panel Sales Seen Dropping First Time in Decade in the World, but Chinese Demand will help make up for the losses worldwide

This article, published in Bloomberg News Online. The article indicates that due to subsidy cuts in both Germany and Italy, worldwide demand for solar panels is expected to decline this year, for the first time in a decade. However, China is expected to double its installation of solar photovoltaic cells this year (approximately 4-5 GW!) which could help to alleviate the demand shortage. It is also expected that demand in China may even be higher if the "government in Beijing" can stimulate this growth to help their Chinese solar companies thrive. (I assume this means that if the Chinese government can create financial incentives in China, they believe demand will increase, though the article is not clear about this and I don't know of any current plans for new financial incentives for solar PVs in China).

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  1. Some of my friends who are the managers in Solar energy company toel me that Chinese banks are very interested with solar power project. In previouse sevral years, they lend a lot of many to wind power projects and create a blooming of installments of the wind power plants. However, now, they consider wind project is too hot and change to funding solar projects