Sunday, March 18, 2012

Polluted air will kill more people than dirty water

This article highlights the detrimental impact of air pollution and its growing presence in China (and India). The OECD published a report stating that urban pollution will be the top environmental cause of mortality in 2050. Particulates from air pollution, which cause respiratory failure, contribute to 1 million premature death rates globally today, but could double to 3.6 million every year by 2050.
In addition, China is a main contributor to the growing environmental issue of global pollution. Chemical signatures from Chinese power plants, smelters, chemical factories etc. have been found in clouds floating about Europe and the West Coast of the US. Furthermore, this article concludes that environmental issues should not be addressed in isolation, but rather managed in the context of other global challenges such as food and energy security, and poverty alleviation.

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