Friday, February 24, 2012

The "Smarter Zhenjiang, Smarter Tourism" Project

Although transportation policy has traditionally focused on three main components of the transportation equation (fuel chemistry, vehicle efficiency, miles traveled), managing overall SYSTEM EFFICIENCY is increasingly being viewed as a valuable tool for tackling transportation issues like emissions and congestion. In this spirit, the city of Zhenjiang announced today that it was partnering with IBM to implement IBM's "Intelligent Transportation" solution, which will provide city managers with a comprehensive, real-time picture of the city's traffic network to anticipate traffic jams before they happen, alleviate congestion, maximize road capacity, and respond quickly to incidents.

Two good articles:

This could be a cool sneak peak of tomorrow's urban transit systems, and (if fully implemented) would go a long way to alleviating China's urban air quality and congestion issues.

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